1. To promote the management of documents according to the rules.

2. Strengthening personnel with mental and reduce the number of complaints.

3. Promote coordination to meet the needs of the clients.

4. Modify aimed at bringing modern information technology to be used with the administration to work properly, cutting the time to work with.

5. To promote the use of KM management.

6. Support personnel receive training seminars to enhance their skills and knowledge.

7. Morale to personnel.


I enthusiastically support the internationalization of the university. Enhancing knowledge led to information technology systems and meet service willingly transparency as one.


1. To support the work of the executive to meet policy and mission of the University.

2. Development of documentation services and communicate more effectively and efficiently.

3. Build a good relationship and cooperation between all segments of the network construction work shall be in the same direction.

4. Advocate for knowledge management system, knowledge that can be used to link to information technology systems and networks to the work. To take advantage together effectively.

5. To promote teamwork and participation.

6. encourage staff to attend training seminars to enhance the quality of personnel and efficiency.